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11 year recall of compromised tooth

From: Marga Ree To: roots Sent: Saturday, May 05, 2012 12:52 PM Subject: [roots] 11 year recall of compromised tooth I retreated 15 in 2001, crown, post and extruded silver cone were removed and I placed an apical MTA plug, followed by fiber post and composite core. 14 was extracted, and my husband made a 3- unit cantilever bridge. Some time ago she presented with some minor complaints, 17 showed a deep carious lesion. We decided to extract it, because there is no opposite tooth. 15 is still going strong - Marga 11 year recall of compromised tooth

11 year recall of compromised tooth

11 year recall of compromised tooth

11 year recall of compromised tooth Beautiful result! Dr. Ree could you elaborate on your post cementation protocol? Also what fibre post was this? Thank you. - Apostles Dear Marga, Inspiring result!!!! These are the reasons why your work is appreciated so much internationaly!!! Congrats!!! - Konstantinos P.S. One of my teachers during my postgraduate studies always kept telling me to try to treat compromised teeth (within logical limits) because these cases give you the best feed-back from your job! Of course, I don't have 15 years follow-up examinations but even in 2 and 3 years when everything is clinically and radiographically OK, the feeling is just great!!! That's what we are working for!! Great result, Marga. What has been your technique for removing the silver point? - Jörg Thanks Jörg, Hmmm, 11 years is a long time....but my favorite procedure is the one that Steven Buchanan describes on his website, flooding the canal with chloroform, bypassing the cone with small hand files, engaging the cone with a Hedstrom file, and use a hemostat as a crowbar to launch the cone. - Marga

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