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12 year recall:apical preparation - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Terry Pannkuk
Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 9:51 AM
Subject: [roots] 12 year recall

I just noticed this 12 year old recall case in my report queue.  
She saw my partner, maybe because she was embarrassed to see me 
after having someone else do the first molar some time after 
1998 when I had treated the second molar.  Too bad I would have 
scanned a CT for free to show the obvious comparison of what 
happens when someone does a "small as possible apical prep with 
a ship-in-a-bottle access" versus a "small as practical prep 
with a SEE access" like I do.   The crap never seems to end.
 :):):) - Terry

Terry, now could you tell me why do SEE access it you still 
can't see MB2? :-)) - Dmitri

Good point. It doesn't seem that II got out the mesial marginal 
ridge as aggressively as I would today on #2. I wasn't using the 
composite finishing burs in 1998, just ultrasonics.  
I migrated from ultrasonics to composite finishing burs because 
I didn't like the inefficiency of US tips and their inability 
to meticulously extend dentin walls.  The large football diamond 
is frequently too large for some of these narrower width teeth with
difficult access.   The ML groove doesn't look troughed as ideally 
as I would have liked.

Gee, Thanks for bringing that up Dimitri :):):) - Terry
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