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From: Abdul Parmar
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 3:19 AM
Subject: [roots] NSRCT 17

Just one from today, I feel the prep on the buccals was probably
a bit weak but i was a little worried about fractures because of
the curve.  Also I think some GP was extruded out the MB.
Whadda ya think?? -  Abdul

Beautiful shapes - what files did you use? - Richard Kim Bleiweiss Hi Kim, they are Triniti files sold by QED in the UK (although I think they are made by VDW) - abdul Do you not find that the Tubliseal is sensitive to increased setting rate with the System B heat application and becomes quite stiff? Kerrs Pulp Canal Sealer EWT doesn't have this problem - Stephen. Stephen, Do you know if we can get the original Kerr sealer in the UK without getting it on prescription? I originally used the non EWT stuff back in about 93-4, but changed to the EWT since then,I would like to try the original again - Bill Hi Stephen, Yes I think it is more prone to setting quickly when heat is applied but I use the EWT version which is obviously a lot better in that regard than the standard. Is pulp canal sealer the same thing as Tubiseal but in a powder and liquid composition? - Abdul I do not know the make up of the T.Seal but the PCS is a grey colour and is not affected by the heat - Stephen

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