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Furcation lesion with endo etiology
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From: Terry Pannkuk
Enviado el: SŠbado, 04 de Febrero de 2006 12:46 a.m.
Asunto: [roots] Furcation lesion with endo etiology

I think I posted this case a couple years ago.  5 canal lower molar
with a furcation accessory and associated lesion. Here'ís the 2 year
recall with the furcation lesion seemingly healed. Good thing I
placed an orifice seal given the marginal leakage.  I need to
contact the referral and recommend a crown replacement.  The distal
margin looks terrible.

My partner performed the recall for me, but Iíll handle the phone
call with the referral since I enjoy conflicts and torturing myself
with people who donít like to listen to what I have to tell them.
Conflicts stimulate growth and are a personal challenge right?
What doesnít kill you makes you stronger (but unfortunately insane?)
- Terry

Terry, Looking at your last cases posted I see you do a lot of rct in teeth with crowns Are those newly placed crowns usually? - Sergio Rosler

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