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31mm long canine

From: Jorge Vera
To: roots
Sent: Friday, February 03, 2012 6:41 AM
Subject: [roots] Long- looong canine

This canine was done 2 years ago, it measured 31 mm so I had to use a lot of 
long hedstrom files, I did both teeth in one appointment. Today the patient 
returned for a recall but I am extremely unhappy with the crown and posts. 
Oh well - Jorge Vera

31mm long canine

Dear Jorge, Excellent! Good work! Congratulations. - Marcelo S. Bertocco

Beautiful! Too bad about the post. How do you dry a canal like that? 
I've never been able to find a paper point longer that ~25mm.- Jeremy

Hi Jeremiah, you have to get a second reference point of max 27 mm maybe 
at the cingulum, thats what I did on this one, all the best and thanks  - jveraro

Hey Jeremy, I learned from a very wise older endo dude, that prior to paper 
points, one would use k=files wrapped with a very small piece of cotton (a wisp), 
This works great in very large canals, where you can wrap a larger wisp, and in 
very long canals. I hope this helps! - Mike Feldman

Hedstroem for the first 1/3 ? beautiful case... did you use twisted too? 
- Jorge Gaviria

This cotton wrapped on K file is i think most of the dentist do in
India, paper points are not that popular. i my self do it as the
chances of separation of paper point are not there when it gets soggy
boyond a curve - Abhinav Misra

jorge, nice fill. Just one question, why did you use H files in this canine? 
- khalid charag

Hi, in order to prepare around the curve since the canal was too long to use 
rotaries, I used Twisted files to 25 mm in it  - jveraro
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