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Toughest 3 canal lower bi - Courtesy ROOTS

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toughest 3 canal lower bi

3 Canal premolar

From: "Glenn F. Schreiber" To: "ROOTS" Subject: [roots] 3 Canal Premolar Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 18:24:07 -0700 (PDT) A case I posted a few weeks ago that didn't seem to make it online. Maybe it will make this time? Teeth #4 and #5 treated. Three canals on the first premolar- #5 had a MB and DB canal as well as a P. Apical gauging with K files to size 20. Then instrumented with Profiles Series 29 and GT files. Sodium Hypochlorite irrigation. EDTA rinse and an alcohol chaser. Gutta percha with Roth cement and lateral condensation. Sorry about the off-center radiograph. Glenn F Schreiber DMD Wyndmoor, PA

great job. - Sameeh Attar After pulling a fifty gallon drum full of first bi's for ortho in the early years of my practice for an old Beggs guy, I know that there are more of these out there than we know. There are many two rooters. - Guy

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