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Three rooted premolars : lower bi

From: "peter kiefner" Newsgroups: roots To: "ROOTS" Sent: Monday, May 12, 2008 11:17 PM Subject: [roots] 3 canal lower premolar seems that three rooted premolars really can be found in daily practice... here two other 3-rooted lower premolars from Stuttgart in Germany. Root canal preparation with hand instruments and Mtwo rotary instruments, root canal filling - vertical condensation.- Peter Kiefner

Very nice work Peter! - Camil Ianes Peter, very good, thanks for the reminder to look for the extra canals - Danny O'Keefe Nice work, Peter. These are the lower bi's that I call a shot in the dark and would restore with maybe one fiber post and a nice direct composite. I have been amazed at how long these things last. - Guy Beautiful work endodontically Peter. What do you think the longevity of the tooth is given it's restorative status, how would you restore it to ensure internal anchorage of the core structure and what is it's long term function........... anchorage for an RPD, stand al..........we cannot as a discipline operate with blinders and in a closed system..........My .02 cents. - Ken Serota The premolars shown were treated about two years ago, both referred from colleagues in Stuttgart. In the first case, as the referring colleague informed me, fixed prosthodontics still works (despite the long clinical crown, etc), the second case was treated by the referring dentist with a crown. Of course, when such PA-loss is present, long term success is influenced by "non-endodontic"-parameters, but in this case seems that all worked for the pacient (and his endodontist). Best regards from Stuttgart - Peter

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