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3D obturation

From: Terry Pannkuk To: roots Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:32 AM Subject: [roots] 3D obturation Case just packed. Hess anatomy, chronic PA lesion (yes, it’s a freakn’ lesion, not a radiolucency, should we really give a jet-propelled copulation that the word represents philosophically means something different than the word is, when clinically it doesn’t? ), inflammatory resorption-distal root seen on the preop CBCT, I remember a few years ago. Lars Spangberg wrote an editorial stating his opinion that the term three dimensional doesn’t mean anything because everything is three-dimensional. That may be true, but a concern with the 3D cleaning, shaping, and filling of the apical third of a root knowing that it is the most neglected focus of endodontics today as it was 40 years ago. This makes us want to click our heels 3 times so we can escape the clinical fantasy land back to Kansas knowing that the scarecrows out there won’t be getting a brain anytime soon from a wizard. J Google underfilling and overextension versus overfilling endodontics” 3D does mean something profound clinically - Terry 3D obturation superb! is the 3rd dimension the periapex:):):) - Amir Terry I wonder how you can achive deep heat carrier penetration in such cases? Do you take your heat carriers to WL - 3mm or 4mm? You´re using toch and heat and SB pluggers aren´t you? Smallest plugger is 06 conicity isn´t it? I think there is no 04 plugger for T&H? How do you mange to take it so deep with that preparations. I usally shape my canals with MTwo and normally when possible i try to reach WL with at least #35 but normally I cannot reach WL -3mm in Buccal roots upper molars and mesial root lower molars... Secondly I saw your youtube video. So you use multiple waves of heat and condensation. Do you do it always with the same heatcarrier or you also try to adapt to the anatomy so first waves with bigger heatcarriers (10-12) and apical waves with smaller heatcarriers? - Javier.
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