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From: Gary L. Henkel D.D.S.
Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2007 1:47 AM
Subject: [roots] 3rd endovac case

Good news and bad news.  definitely got more interesting anatomy in the 
apical 3mm, but apparently I need to go back and relearn microstructural 
replication and vertical condensation as it relates to VOID AVOIDMENT!
apparently there is more to endo than excellent irrigation.  I took hd 
video of this today, if I didn't screw it up any worse than the fill 
I'll post some short movie clips.  It is really cool to watch under 
the scope - Gary

Gary,  You will never see these voids if you PacMac.  Very nice apical 
anatomy.  Should we all be using the endovac? - DanS

That's what i'm going to do to fix it.  schoeffel has shown some amazing 
results with it, as has randy hedrick.  the theory seems very sound to me, 
passively draw irrigant right to wl to open up and clean the area we miss 
the most. time will tell.  i can tell you looking through the scope 
everything looks really clean, but then again, i thought so
before also. - Gary
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