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 Three missing canals
The opinions within this web page are not ours.Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - photographs courtesy: Schröder Jörg

From: "Schröder Jörg"
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 1:15 AM
Subject: [roots] Question of definition

communication can be a difficult thing , sometimes.

Referall had been looking for P, MB1 and MB2. After trying to find the
orificies he wrote about 3 microperforations, he probably made.

In the preop x-ray it didn't really look like a microperforation and
after entering the tooth I was quite sure that it hasn't been one.
Instead of microns there had been some mm to close. After irrigation
and cleaning the perforations margins with US I placed collagen as a
barrier. After that I build my MTA-Dome which was covered by a low
flowable composite, followed by Tetric Flow. After that I was able to
locate and negotiate the 3 missed canals. MB1 and MB2 had a quite deep
bifurcation. To be continued because the patient was quite exhausted
after 2,5 hours ;(((

Best regards from Berlin, Germany - Jörg Schröder

Jörg, I keep wondering if you are human being :-) Torturing people for so long ! Do you etch and prime/bond the tooth before placing flowable? Or it is just a temporary mechanical barrier for MTA to set and then next visit you remove the resin? - Dmitri Ruzanov Dmitri, to be honest, this is not the regular treatment time. Normally I will have 3 - 3,5 hours ;))) After the MTA set (I am using the Angelus MTA) I etch & prime & bond the tooth like I do in all composite fillings. (Syntac Classic/Heliobond) I will leave this in place to establish a reinforced pulp chamber floor. - Jörg Jörg, Beautiful work!!!! Graeat documentation!!! Thanks for sharing your consistently excellent work!! - Carlos Heilborn Thank you for your kind words, Carlos. - Jörg Dear Jörg, I've always been impressed by the quality of your treatments. How did you take the pictures ( scope ? xenon I guess ? which kind of camera ? settings ...? ) Absolutely fabulous . Cheerio - Jan Dear Jan, thank you for your compliments. Since end of last year I am able to use a ProErgo with 180W Xenon. ;)) I am still using the 50/50 beam splitter and a Zeiss adapter with my CoolPix 4500 mounted. Carr mirrors of course. The shutter speed now is at least 1/250 in highest magnifications and up to 1/1000 in lower. So the micromovements of the patient/ of myself like breathing etc. won't lead to pictures out of focus. - Jörg Jörg, I'm also working with a ProErgo with build - in xenon, beam splitter , Zeiss adapter, Carr mirrors and Nikon Coolpix 5000 - that's quite the same. But my results aren't as good as yours. It's been frustrating because I've even been shooting for months with a Canon 5D and 10D without any better results though than with my Nikon Coolpix. What settings do you take your pictures with ? - Jan Jan, did you check your beam splitter? I ordered a 50/50 and received a 20(camera)/ 80 (operator) although it has been written on the piece of paper I received ! It's printed on the splitter. My 20/80 only had a "20" printed on! When I started to take my pictures I wasn't able to get pictures in the same (not superior) quality as I got with 100W Halogen. The reason for this has been a defect Xenon bulb delivered with the brand new ProErgo ;((. I became aware of this problem, while explaining the bulb change to my new co-worker. All of a sudden I had shutter speeds about 1/500 and less! So I changed back to my first bulb and: this one did not reach full power! My settings for the Coolpix are the one recommended by Mr. Herbranson: mountain symbol, spot focus, aperture modus (A), smallest aperture value, ISO set to Auto. When I tried ISO settings 200 or more I got really bad pictures. I hope this will be helpful - Jörg Hi Jörg, Always fantastic to see your photos and treatment, thanks for sharing. - Kendel

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