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3 rooted lower molar - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been
credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: Fred Barnett
Sent: Wednesday, December 23, 2009 2:13 AM
Subject: [roots] #18 3-rooted

Fun tooth, the first 3 rooted lower molar I get to do.

Previously accessed by GPR, but the pt came back before their scheduled 
appointment due to persisting pain. Temporary restoration consisted of 
cotton and IRM.

Scan taken initially and then at completion.  The M root is quite wide 
as seen on the scan and I was expecting 2 canals, but troughed out the 
isthmus and nothing.  I walked away from this case with a strange feeling that
I had missed a canal in that root.

Looking at the scan post-op, the obturation seems centered and uniform.

Comments from previous experience on these? - Melissa

Hi Fred.....Pretty great student you got there Fred......takes after the guy in charge I guess!!. Nicely handled case. Do you get any patients questioning the dosage of the CbCT after the articles last week. - GLenn Thanks Glenn. So far no questions about the radiation dose. We have a laminated chart hanging in the radiology room. - Fred Thanks Fred........just out of interest what does the laminated card say? - Glenn What do you think of Parkell's Metaseal as a resin sealer? - RP Fitton I don't know much about it, but I think it sets quite hard. If that is the case, retreatment will be a bear - Fred Hi Melissa, Very wel done and nice documentation. Is it possible to answer the following questions: 1/ wat kind of preparation technique did you use 2/ the same for obturation 3 wat is that white materiaal you put around the tooth .I use blockout but this one looks beter - Paul NOYER The prep was handfiles and rotary instrumentation; using K3's and Sequence files. Obturation was warm vertical using Resilon. Opal Dam is used to seal the rubber dam - Fred Note the difference between medical ct and dental cbct. 18x the exposure with ct, cbct is nominally above routine dental radiation. And with the smaller field Kodak, probably equivalent - gary

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