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 Severe swelling and pain
The opinions within this web page are not ours.Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - photographs courtesy: Barrington

This 40 year old male patient presented to us with severe swelling and pain. 
Any thoughts? - Marga

My thoughts are: tooth number 11, 12 and 21 were involved previously. may be trauma. but 12 was partially vital then so the prev dentist didn't suspect involvement. now that it is involved I suspect the 13 is also needs some attention - Vipin Hi Vipin, Yes, it is a brain teaser....:-)) - Marga Crown appears to be leaking on central. Maybe apex is contaminated but I could be a bit confused. Guy Marga, Is there an anatomic defect on the lingual, a deep lingual pit or lingual groove? Pulp tests on the lateral incisor? - Randy Hedrick No anatomic defect Randy. 12 responded pos to cold test and EPT. - Marga Interesting case Marga: I need all the clinicical findings on 12, 11 , 13 and the medical history. Those should include - vitality tests, mobility. Also tracing of the S. Tract is not clear. With those that you allready posted my thoughts are on a crack/endo problem with #12. - Thomas Thomas, Medical history: non contributory Vitality tests: WNL, except for 11 . No mobility.- Marga No mobility, but is the bridge retainer loose from the abuttment on the central incisor? - Randy No - Marga S. Tract traced where ? Exploratory surgery on 12 is indicated. A crack suspected...- Thomas Crown appears to be leaking on central. Maybe apex is contaminated but I could be a bit confused. Guy Guy, Stay tuned, to be continued................... Marga This was an easy thermafil removal. Initially I could not figure out what the canal configuration was, but after finishing the C&S, I went back in with a precurved hand file, and found a second POE. Fiber post and build-up of composite. - Marga Ree, DDS, MSc
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