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4 year recall: hydrolosis of dentin bond

From: Mark Dreyer To: ROOTS Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 8:15 PM Subject: [roots] 4 yr recall for Terry I have only been in my office for about 6 yrs now, so I don't know how a tooth like this will fare 20 yrs out. What I find interesting is that given what we know about hydrolosis of the dentin bond, we can be fairly certain that there are tons of bacteria invading this canal space, nonetheless we have no radiographic findings suggestive of failure. My point is we don't have the foggiest idea of why some cases fail and why some work. So to get up on a soapbox and castigate those who don't have the same viewpoint as you on an issue like shaping and to state that such people are charlatains and frauds, is amazing to me. We know so little as to why what we do works sometimes and not other times. It should keep us humble. - Mark You should keep your mouth shut and not make any conclusions until you have experience and data. ....a simple blunt but intended to be constructive criticism:) - Terry So how does that little bit of ad hominem address the question I raised in my case oh wise one? :-) Do I need to not ask questions til I've either: 1. done a residency or 2. acquired your experience - Mark I think that’s probably a good idea in your case as you dig your hole. If I were you, I ‘d quit this argument at your depth, or you won’t be able to climb out. - Terry There’s a difference between keeping humble and humbly accepting unsubstantiated promotional crap. Objectivity is not about humility. Discovery is not about humility, Improving upon an accepted convention is not about humility. Drinking Kool-Aid and being led by a rope tied to a ring in your nose by someone leading a group with an agenda, requires humility, indiffernce, and blind acceptance.- Terry Mark, What you wrote about success of endo is very true, but it does not mean we have to try to do RCT through a "spider's hole". Btw here, due to the way endo is practiced by prevailing number of dentists, we surely see much more cases with poorly done endo which are surviving for over 15 years or more. Go figure. - Valeri Stefanov
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