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Retreatment of 16

From: Marek Korzan To: ROOTS Sent: Saturday, January 07, 2006 12:00 PM Subject: [roots] [roots]5 canals from Marek Retreatment of 16 with separated hedstroem file in MB1. 3 vists. Instrument removal by ultrasonics take me 30min; it was nicely screwed, so I used an injection needle 0.8 with some Cement-it. During the access on MB2 with BUC-1, I made a little step distally; -one touch of flowable composite repositioned MB2's orifice correctly. Race and hand files finishing: MB1&2: 02/40 D1&2: 02/35 P: 02/55 Marek Korzan, Poland

Hi Marek, Cool case, I love your documentation ! I suppose this tooth is treatment planned for a crown. Do you also make the build-up yourself? If not, how did you temporized this one? - Marga Hi Marga, I made a build up of course: DT Light Post(VDW) no.3 into palatal, 2mm SBO Venus(compisite by HK) into MB1 and D , Bond1 , Build-it. I will show the build up, crown preparation and a crown soon ... the next one (17) is waiting too. I used Ca(OH)2 between visits and covered with Cavit, no cotton pellets, no sponge; then removed with ultrasonics. Sometimes in similar cases I shoot a little amount of gp in orifices from Obtura gun , and then composite.- Marek marek, great documentation, and beautifull results. what kind of camera setup are you using? and did you seal the orifices? - Bijan Hi Bijan, Nikon 995: Main setup Aperture priority(f around 4.5 the wide opened as possible) the profit is shutter 1/125 or more (means less ) ISO 200 WB preset Af area mode (usually centered) - Marek Hi Marek ! What a great result and nice pictures !!! Thanks for sharing this with all of us! The patient was lucky to be treated by you and this way to keep his molar .... Keep coming those cases & documentation ! - Roberto 5 canals, separated instrument, nothing but routine . Beautiful documentation Marek. Well done. - gary Marek, very well handled and excellent documentation. - Jörg Schröder

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