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Access as key to success - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: Jörg Schröder
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 3:05 AM
Subject: [roots] Access as key to success

this one showed me that access can only be substituted by better access.

# 18 (# 1 US). AAP, MB2 was located under a lip of dentin. I had a hard
time to get the rubberdam on. After removal of the filling I built up
the mesial wall. Then I struggled for a good access to all canals.
Nice mixture: tooth location, angulation in the arch and nice curvatures.

MB1 and MB2 merged about 6-7 mm below orifices. Did not get behind the
merging point in first session, when entering the mesial systems from
the MB2.

At the second visit the prebended!! handfile just slipped into the MB2.

Shaping with M2 and ProFile. To bad I created that $!!§!&%void ! But Pt.
and me had been both quite exhausted - Jörg Schröder

Jorg, Oh man, I'm sweating just reading about this case ---- fantastic work and images as always! - Kendel Jorg a good dentist only will be substitutued with a better one like your self. Great case and documentation - Carlos Murgel Jörg , Excellent documentation and managment of a very hard tooth ! How did you build the mesial wall after the removal of the filling ? Always nice to see your post, those collages are so nice - Thomas Thank you Thomas, after placing ruberdam, clamp is wingless (W8A) I first try to get the rubberdam as apiccaly as possible. If the tooth is still covered by rubberdam I use cords to push it down. When I can see the tooth margin I use a highspeed diamond coated bur to prepare this area. As it is hard to fix a matrix in these cases I use a low flow composite (Estelite Lowflow) and build up the margin only. This may need 3 or 4 thin layers of composite to create a small wall mesial. If you didi it ight you don't have to do anything but placing the matrix. If you spoiled some composite just use a finishing strip to smooth the outline, bond it again and place the matrix now. The proceed as if you were doing a composite filling - Jörg Really nice case. When I have a Type II or merging canals, I place both master cones, sear off at the orifices, and then downpack one at a time. Terry has shown his technic where he uses two pluggers while obturating. Or, just "squirt"...right Joey? - Fred Thank you Fred. I was not able to get more than a ProTaper S2 into the MB2. As the distance from the orifice of MB2 to the merging point was not more than 6-7 mm I did not use a mastercone in MB2. I used the heat carrier to reduce the extruding GP and then squirted the MB2 - Jörg in addition to marga's comments, i have found a well trimmed good old copper tube to be an excellent matrix to do a pre core buildup - gary

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