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Another ECIR Type 3 case

From: Terry Pannkuk
To: roots
Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2012 2:41 AM
Subject: [roots] Another ECIR Type 3 case today

This was a 3 step procedure treating the Type 3 Heithersay.

1. Clean, shape, place CH.
2. Obturate the canals, place core,
3. Todayís flap and surgical repair of the labial defect which extended apically
   a bit and required and irregular prep before placing the Geristore.

This is a preview of some of the things that will be mentioned at the online resorption
presentation Iíll be giving.  It looks like March 23 will be the date in 3 weeks.
Limited attendance 25.  Iím just getting the last confirmation from Rick Schwartz to
make sure he can attend. Marga Ree is in, which will make it a valuable discussion having
their added input.

Key features I thought were important in this case:

1. Bone had to be cleared from the apical margin.  You need clear margins to make sure youíve
   eliminated the active areas of resorption and minimize bleeding giving you better control
   during the placement of Geristore.

2. Forget saving a papilla! youíre trying to save the tooth.  The last thing you want is a
   horizontal papilla saving incision which greatly complicates hemostasis and visualization
   of the cleared margins.

More will be discussed at the presentation, like how to deliver the Geristore, and subtle
features of clinical management that make this predictable.   Iíll send the link out for
registration by tomorrow. If you want to be on the list send me an email.
It will be worth 2  CE hours - Terry

P.S. Later on today I have this lingual surgical resorption repair recall case coming in
(1 year to check healing). .  To think that a slightly widened coronal flare in a root canal
prep weakens a tooth when you see these types of gross resorption repairs survive and do well,
is just plain dumb - Terry

Another ECIR case

Another ECIR case

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