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Afraid of alloys and composite

From: craig barrington To: roots Sent: Friday, March 02, 2012 12:02 AM Subject: [roots] patient afraid of alloy and composite..... ....the next generation is taking us back to the past................. good enough..............i like it! - Craig barrington afraid of alloy and composite Imo gold and Titanium are the best materials in dentistry Craig. Well done gold inlay will be functional much longer than any amalgam or composite restoration for sure. Now with CAD/CAM it can be made out of Titanium, too. ;-) - Valeri Stefanov A titanium inlay ?.... Milled ?.....seriously ? Technically and hypothetically which is best ?......I would guess milled would be better ......??? CB If you prefer it can be casted instead ;-) You are correct. Milled is better than casted especially in case of Titanium. To cast Ti is relatively difficult. For me Gold is GOLD standard. I am not a fan of Zirconium hype myself. - Valeri Stefanov i have been blind sided by the rush of zirconium restorations on the market. what can you teach me about why they are such the craze right now? cause i got lost somewhere along the way..CB There is also a simpler reason. Due the crisis, the price of gold has risen so much, that now a Zirconium crown is as expensive as or even cheaper than a gold crown. But actually 99% of the crowns I see are PFM and the metal is non-precious. So..... Crap. On my own molars, if it would ever come to it, I would prefer a gold crown. Esthetics is less important in that region and you need to remove less tooth for the preparation. -Raf prone to unexplained fractures in time for example due to accumulation of internal stress in the structure formed during the milling process. It's not a proper forum/list to discuss Zirconium structures I guess. So, you could find more if you dig well enough. - Valeri And can split teeth nicely due to the internal taper required as opposed to the more parallel walls than a resin restoration can provide and adds the effect of bonding.- gary Half way through, I'm spitting out by cal cusp upper right bi, restored with a gold inlay in 1979. Can you say crown boys and girls. Oh well I got 30 plus years - Gary i agree Gary but a tough call..............AND!!!...... i am not wanting to ressurrect that age old argument!!!................. but two cents of side though:.. you and i boht have seen teeth crack with no restorations. ......but becuase the restoration is present we blame the restoration.......... if it is not present we just say shit happens and/or blame time or occlusion or both/all of the above.... i refer back to Terry Pannkuk's diagram; there is stuff we don't understand in the realm of the stuff we understand and then there is still the entire gambit of stuff we dont understand that we are not even close to understanding in order to start not understanding it..... :-) - CB .and then there’s the stuff that should be understood by a child, but pretended to be misunderstood, and then taught to be wrong to make things simpler and profitable - Terry
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