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 Ahmad Tehrani Endo cases

  • Silver Point recall
  • Mixing EDTA & NaOCL
  • Apical periodontitis
  • Treatment on a necrotic #8
  • Ca(OH)2 dressing
  • Confluent mesials
  • Concealing the canals
  • What Implantologist would do?
  • 2 anterior teeth
  • Emergency patient
  • Buildup after endo
  • Corrosion under a crown
  • Limitations of TF use
  • Apical finish
  • Extensive carious lesion
  • Gingival bleeding
  • Full gold crowns
  • Dens case
  • Lower second molar
  • TF retreatment
  • Coronal extension
  • 2 separate palatal canals
  • Lower canine
  • Necrotic case
  • Curved distal root
  • AP Case Part 1
  • AP Case Part 2
  • Nice curves in mesial canal
    Apical periodontits
    Type III dens case
    5 canaled molar
    necrosis periradicular..
    Triple paste pulpectomy
    Endo cases - Marcia
    "C" shaped canal anatomy
    Psycho molar
    routine case
    straight lingual
    Doomed tooth
    another molar
    Tooth #36
    Instrument removal
    Tooth #27
    Horror case
    Troughing case
    6 year recall
    9 clinical cases
    Flareup after best treatment
    Apex locators
    Access pictures
    Implants #18, #19
    Nice retrofil
    Molars with lesions
    Access pictures
    New dental products II
    New dental products
    Difficult retreatment
    Canal anatomy 46
    Freak case
    huge lateral canal
    Separate MB canal
    Crown infraction
    5 year recall
    Palatal canals
    TF retreatment
    Another molar
    Bio race cases