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Amazing one year healing

From: Mark Dreyer
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2011 6:41 PM
Subject: [roots] Amazing 1 yr healing

Not sure what it will look like at 20 yrs, but I sure am liking the 1 yr look.  :-)) - Mark

one year healing

Love it Mark ! - Pierre

Brilliant :))) - Hani F Ounsi

Nice healing, can't argue with that,
What happened with the access?  I know some of your referrings like to do their own build ups,
is that happening here?  Please don't let them crown it!  How come the alloy /   resin combo in the second premolar?
Did that one flare up and that is why they were back with you? - Bill

I don't know if I would use the adjective amazing, but Mark and Maarten's cases look pretty much the same
as these lesion cases do on short-term recall. A more interesting story will be revealed at about the
5 year postop point especially if a CBCT recall can be taken to show how completely the attachment
apparatus regenerates.  If a moderate amount of communicating septic apical space is creating subclinical
or subtle symptoms it will likely be shown with the current level of PDL space widening routinely shown at about
1 year which would be considered atypical at 5. - Terry
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