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Anomalous Missed DL canal

From: Terry Pannkuk
To: roots
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 4:28 AM
Subject: [roots] Anomalous Missed DL canal

Hereís  the case I posted where I took a CBCT to show the missed DL canal is a separate DL root  on this
failing lower molar.

I finished the treatment this morning - Terry

Anomalous Missed DL canal

Anomalous Missed DL canal would an angled preop xray have demo'd this root? (as per the joey d recommendation of taking three xrays as a preop SOP) - Craig Barrington I was suspicious of it on the different angles I took. I actually take about 5 -6 preops for each case. Here are two very different angles, you can see the DL root clearly. I knew it was there I just needed the CBCT to feel confident triangulating the distance internally using the DB orifice as a reference point so I could pin point the DL orifice location unequivocally - Terry Anomalous Missed DL canal Wow, thanks for sharing - Ronald Dr.Pannkuk, Thank you for showing this great retreatment case. It is amazing to see more complex root anatomy after DB was retreated. I noticed that you retreated the mesial roots as well. Although I would do the same when I see my pts, a question is always there. If I sealed the mesials well with GP and Flowable resin, should I touch them? I would definitely retreat them if I saw clear sign of apical lesion after 1 year. - Hongsheng I donít trust other clinicianís work and canít remember ever just retreating one root in a case. - Terry

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