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Another immediate implant - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been
credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: Dmitri Ruzanov
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 6:10 PM
Subject: Another one immediate implant...

Hot off the press again :-)

The story started 1.5 years back when the patient was referred to me for endodontic 
re-treatment of upper right lateral incisor.

Endo was straight forward one step re-treat of ZnPO4 cement fill... left a post space 
as was requested by referral (although i was not sure the tooth needed a post... and 
if it does, i now prefer to place one myself). A half year after i saw the patient 
for a recall and another treatment... She was not particularily satisfied with
the crown on UR2, but she was told by her dentist and technician there was no way 
in hell the crown could be nicer (WTF??!).

Two weeks back she comes again with a complaint of mobile crown... apparently it 
snapped off. She did not want to go back; asked me for taking the case over. 
She knew i'm doing implants (i've placed two on her already)... asked for implant 

Today i extracted the tooth (with scalpel only), socket was intact.
Placed immediate implant... as i definetely had to temporize it i chose to use XiVE 
(as it has all the parts that are easy to use - it was specifically designed for 
immediate replacement and immediate temporization). 3.4x15mm XiVE + TempBase + 
TempBase Cap + Acrylic shell crown relined with Unifast acrylic, margins adjusted with
flowable. Friction-grip retained.

This time i was just a tiny bit better at angulation :-)
Guy's, how do you control bleeding at the area to reline the provisional without 
blood getting sucked into there? I have a somewhat "bruised tooth" provisional now :-(

Comments and advice are strongly appreciated! - Dmitri

Wonderful job....Glen George Williams I find the best way to temporarily stop or at least slow bleeding of the socket is to do a localized infiltration of Lido 2% (1:50000 epi). the tissues will blanch for a few mins, Nice job Dmitri - Dwayne Nice Dmitri, Truthfully, it doesn't look that "bruised". Sometimes I will remove the red tinge of blood and then powder and liquid new acrylic resin into it from another abutment in the lab. - Barry

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