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  AP Case - Part 2

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From: Ahmad Tehrani
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 4:37 AM
Subject: [roots] AP case: Part II

To day I removed the crown and placed a bonded post after rinsing out the CH from the post space.
The tissue bleeding was controlled with Viscostat.

Fabricated a smoother provisional with proper contours and cemented it with Fuji IX cement
until completion of ortho.

She will be rinsing with Peridex for 2 weeks until her next visit for recheck.
The temporary is shorter since I would like the orthodontist to extrude the tooth to expose more
of the margin while he is closing the gap between 9 & 10. - ahmad

Ahmad, Place a CRFC post. Zero downside. The canal is huge. Use the largest DT-light post. my .02 - John A Khademy Thanks John. I appreciate the help. Using big posts in this case would have been no problem, but I only had the smallest ones on hand. I debated to use a large metal post or a smaller bonded one, and I opted for the bonded post. But, I still get the voids where the post seats over the GP pad...(( Do you cure the deepest layer of BA before placing the post? do you apply BA to the post as well? I think curing the deep BA layer creates a small gap that shows up as void. I need to start using the 3M 4th generation BA for all these posts and see if the smaller micro thickness makes a difference. I used the SE Kurary bonding solutions for this case with skinny Centrix needles for delivery. How about a cast P&C? do you not like using them for anterior teeth? - ahmad
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