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Troughing line between MB and ML canal
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From: Maarten Meire
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2008 12:38 AM
Subject: [roots] don't forget to trough the line...

After troughing the line between mb en ml canal; I found 2 more entrances.
After preparation, they all merged apically -  Maarten

Fantastic - Fred I agree, the endo looks nice, but the distal surface looks like a bit of perio root surface re contouring is needed. Was an implant also offered? - Alan Cady Regarding the distal aspect of this tooth, I'm not sure if the distal margin is of any problem in restorative respect. I think a bitewing is necessary to clarify this. I assume that the referring doc checked this before sending the patient - Maarten. Very nice case Maarten!! - Marga

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