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Apoptosis is a multi-step, multi-pathway cell-death programme
that is inherent in every cell of the body. In cancer, the
apoptosis cell-division ratio is altered. Cancer treatment
by chemotherapy and irradiation kills target cells primarily
by inducing apoptosis..............

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Introduction to Apoptosis

1. The development of the term apoptosis
2. The significance of apoptosis
3. Morphological features of apoptosis
4. Molecular mechanisms of apoptosis signalling
    4.1 Various death signals activate common signalling
    4.2 Caspases are central initiators and executioners of
    4.3 Extrinsic apoptosis pathways of type I and type II
    4.4 Mitochondria as central regulators of intrinsic apoptosis
5. Regulatory mechanisms in apoptosis signalling
    5.1 The Bcl-2 family
    5.2 Regulation of apoptosis by IAPs
6. Disease as a consequence of dysregulated apoptosis

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