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Biodentine handling

From: "ANTONIS CHANIOTIS" To: "roots" Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2012 1:41 AM Subject: Re: [roots] intentional replantation in a 10 years old boy after trauma and crap endo Biodentine handling properties were amazing. easy to deliver and sets in 12 min. I think its a very interesting case and i am trying to document this case step by step. Maybe publish it in the future. before trying the intentional replantation the kid was taking amoxicilin and metronidazole for two weeks in order to control the infection and the swelling. i had to make an incision for drainage 7 days ago. I think its going to work. Until then enjoy the photographs. i believe the case is adequately documented. Comments and recommendations are always welcome. I plan to keep the splint for 4 weeks and then deal with esthetics. Cheers - Antonis Chaniotis biodentine handling
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