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 Best articles week ending 28th May 2009

     Articles: Endodontics
Week's Best Articles: 05/19/2009 - 05/28/2009
Detection of Vertical Root Fractures in Endodontically Treated Teeth by a Cone Beam Computed Tomography Scan
Journal of Endodontics   05/21/2009
Evaluation of Laser Fluorescence in the Monitoring of the Initial Stage of the De-/Remineralization Process: An in vitro and in situ Study
Caries Research   05/19/2009
Light activated disinfection: an alternative endodontic disinfection strategy
Australian Dental Journal   05/22/2009
Effectiveness of a Manual Glide Path on the Preparation of Curved Root Canals by Using Mtwo Rotary Instruments
Journal of Endodontics   05/20/2009
Effect of monitors on approximal caries detection in digital radiographs?standard versus precalibrated DICOM part 14 displays: An in vitro study
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontics   05/27/2009
En face optical coherence tomography investigation of apical microleakage after laser-assisted endodontic treatment
Lasers in Medical Science   05/26/2009
Biomineralization Ability and Interaction of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and White Portland Cement With Dentin in a Phosphate-containing Fluid
Journal of Endodontics   05/22/2009
Nonsurgical Root Canal Therapy of Large Cyst-like Inflammatory Periapical Lesions and Inflammatory Apical Cysts
Journal of Endodontics   05/19/2009
External Cervical Resorption: A Review
Journal of Endodontics   05/27/2009
Root Canal Morphology of Permanent Maxillary Teeth in the Han Nationality in Chinese Guanzhong Area: A New Modified Root Canal Staining Technique
Journal of Endodontics   05/21/2009

     Articles: Dental Materials
Characterization of mouthguard materials: Physical and mechanical properties of commercialized products
Dental Materials   05/21/2009
Gold-silver-palladium alloys for laser irradiation --Effects of gold addition
Odontology   05/19/2009
Biomineralization Ability and Interaction of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and White Portland Cement With Dentin in a Phosphate-containing Fluid
Journal of Endodontics   05/22/2009
Nanohybrid vs. fine hybrid composite in Class II cavities: Clinical results and margin analysis after four years
Dental Materials   05/21/2009
Radiopacity of Portland Cement Associated With Different Radiopacifying Agents
Journal of Endodontics   05/22/2009
Macro-, micro- and nano-mechanical investigations on silorane and methacrylate-based composites
Dental Materials   05/21/2009
Effect of ion exchange on strength and slow crack growth of a dental porcelain
Dental Materials   05/20/2009
Effect of White Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Mixed With Disodium Hydrogen Phosphate on Inflammatory Cells
Journal of Endodontics   05/27/2009
Fatigue of enamel bonds with self-etch adhesives
Dental Materials   05/20/2009
Determination of Matrix Metalloproteinases in Human Radicular Dentin
Journal of Endodontics   05/26/2009

     Articles: Cosmetic
Bleaching a devital primary tooth using sodium perborate with walking bleach technique: A case report
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and Endodontics   05/26/2009
Effect of External Light Conditions During Matching of Tooth Color: An Intraindividual Comparison
The International Journal of Prosthodontics   05/27/2009

     Articles: Dental Public Health
Association between Chronic Dental Infection and Acute Myocardial Infarction
Journal of Endodontics   05/27/2009
Cigarette smoke condensate affects the collagen-degrading ability of human gingival fibroblasts
Journal of Periodontal Research   05/26/2009
Ozonated Water Improves Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Responses of an Odontoblast-like Cell Line
Journal of Endodontics   05/27/2009
Measurement of plaque-forming macrophages activated by lipopolysaccharide in a micro-channel chip
Journal of Periodontal Research   05/26/2009
The effects of mutastein and dextranase on the synthesis of insoluble glucans by Streptococcus mutans B13
Odontology   05/19/2009
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