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3 broken file cases
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From: Sergiu Nicola
Sent: Friday, March 06, 2009 2:48 AM
Subject: [roots] 3 broken files cases

first case is very cool, couse there wasn;t any broken file in it,
but at the end....:)

second  case was a killer i hate tiernerves.

i have attached a small video, after removing the files and shaping
all 5 canals, mesials were joining at the apex, distals were joining
at the apex

the cherry from the cake came from the staff, the woman who cleans
the office comes to me betwen the patients telling me that there was
a killing pain under an old crown i did it in 40 minutes:) - Sergiu

Sergiu, Great job. Nice pictures. What is your micro photography set up? Any flash light? Have you any problem negotiating canals in cases 2 and 3 after removing files? Have you any rtg after obturation? - Roman Bakowicz Roman, i have a "home made carr adapter " for my zeiss a cheap chinese beam splitter, a nikon 995 , and a c-mount adapter no flash light nope, after i removed the broken files , the job was finished i did;t finished those two cases, but as soon i am finishing them i'll post postops. Thank you for your intrest - Sergiu Hello Sergiu, nicely done on getting the instruments out, bummer on getting those two in. But what do you use to take the instruments out in situations like these? Just US with pro-ultra tips or something similar. Or do you use something else? - RafaŽl I use kerr files Size 30 , i cut the handle and mount them in a US handle. it acts like a slimjim or proultra but much more cheaper than the other two. it works quite nice, you should try - Sergiu

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