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  Unusually large canals

The opinions within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - photographs courtesy: Guy W. Moorman

From: Guy W Moorman
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2008 10:43 PM
Subject: [roots] Bear for a right hander

This is my main dental assistant.  Extreme cold sensitivity lingering 
with hot sensitivity sporadically. MB cusp fracture that we did not 
know how deep.  Cusp blew off with high speed and we had a medium exposure.
She didnít want to try a MTA pulp cap and requested endo.

Access routine but saw a dot under the scope palatal to the MB canal 
orifice.  All the canals were unusually large.  Finally diddled around 
with the dot until it turned out to be a MB2.  It was small
but I eventually got it to a 15 K file.  Palatal was straight line 
with a 0.12 Twisted file, MB straight with a 0.08 Twisted File and 
DB straight with a 0.08 Twisted File.  I thought I was going to have to do
crown down on all of them but luck of the draw saw them go easily to 
length and come out with clean shavings. I was a cautious with the MB2 
and started with a 0.04.  It went to the apex too easily so
I used a 0.06 to get to the apex.

Sized apexes with K3s MB and DB to a 35 and palatal to a 45.  
Then I did it.  Went down MB2 with a K3 0.04 25 and dead ass ledged it.  
It took me a long time to get a radiograph that separated the
MB1 and MB2 but got it.  You can see the ledge.  Strange thing was 
the 0.06 TF would still make the turn. Finished to the apex with a 
handfile knew they merged but still wanted to size the MB2.
Cone actually went to length but filled the MB1 first.

Twisted Files, K3 files, (bucket of handfile), Epiphany with primer 
using System A.  Build up with Bond It and Artiste.  This one took me 
three hours and some bad language after ledging that MB2.  Was a bit
different to find an definite MB2 on an upper second molar although 
they are not rare. Thank goodness for a scope.  
-  Guy W. Moorman, Jr. DDS

just beautiful. - Yona saunders

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