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Right lower first bicuspid - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Venkat
Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 11:42 AM
Subject: [roots] Bi cuspid

This right lower Ist bi cuspid felt like  upper one with seperate orifice 
wide apart,  seperate POE's.( my first) I expected some form of bifurcation 
from the pre op(apologies for scratches on the X'rays) Found the lingual 
canal first and searched close to it for the second one for a long time. 
Found the buccal one in the second visit GG-1,2,3 for coronal, 
protaper F2, MAF profile 06-30 - Venkat

great work indeed, well done. - viji Nice work Venkat, but IMO, the patient will be lucky to keep that tooth more than a couple years, due to poor restorative prognosis. In my practice, I'd recommend extraction of such a tooth - Mark Mark I agree with you. it was bucal extensive caries leision, unfavourable crown root ratio and the reffering doctor was informed of poor prognosis. Patient was 80+ and he decided on RCT rather than extraction. - venkat Very nice Venkat ..................these two canal lower bicuspids are not that uncommon and as a rule I always look for the second canal in the them and have got them on a few occassions but unfortunately the last two such cases are absconding after 2 weeks of Ca(OH)2 ............. its almost 3 months now. u use GG1? Don't you feel its a bit more prone to fracture due to a thin shaft ? - Sachin

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