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MB2 joining the MB3,DB and DB2 - Courtesy ROOTS

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credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: John A. Khademi, DDS MS
Sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2006 1:37 AM
Subject: [roots] FredB's Question du jour

"Yes root canal systems can't be sterilized "perfectly" but they 
can be clinically disinfected to the point below a clinically 
septic level that will predictably prevent recurrent disease in 
the vast majority of cases; leaving only a few problematic 
zebras." [Pannkuk]

That's easy Fred.  Terry answered it the hard way.  
Being from BU, this is what we would expect. :-)))))

Being the only FastTrack endodontist in the Four Corners, 
I'll answer the easy way: you know when the bone
grows back.   :-))))

From last week.

Now, ask me something hard.  :-))) - John A Khademy

When it grows back completely and stays there. 
(not there yet). You over simplified it! - Terry

Is their life on mars, and if so is it dentate, and if 
dentate, would it have an mb2, or would the mb2
be confluent with the db2?   - Gary L Henkel

gary, It would have an MB that bifurcated partway down to 
an MB and MB2, the MB2 joining the MB3, and of course
a DB and DB2.

Like this martian tooth from this AM.

You can see the five dots initially in pics2 and 3.  
Then in pic4 you can see the MB/MB2 bifurcate, and the MB3.
I drained the bleach out of the MB3 and the MB2 drained 
with the MB still having bleach in it.  Then I filled
the MB3 with CH, and it came up the MB2.

This was supposed to be a one-step.  We didn't make it.   
:-((( - John

I for the life of me never cease to be amazed at the multiple 
anatomy you and  Terrell are able to find. Granted,
a few of them end up as one as we discussed in vegas, 
but I swear you guys have an entire different race of homo
sapiens who upon completion of access shaping exhibit a pulp 
chamber floor similar to swiss cheese

Donít forget your slides, ppts, or whatever so we can review 
the khademi no water perfect crown prep; in one visit no less!  
- gary

John, i've been lurking for quite a long time already on ROOTS. 
Reading/looking at your cases makes me nuts... Thanks for 
sharing all this wisdom! BTW the question i wanted to ask you 
- how exactly do you insert Ca(OH)2? You said, you saw CH 
coming out through MB2... so i presume, you are injecting CH 
into the canal. Not a lentulo stuff here... Am i right? But 
what about density and making sure it covers walls all the 
way down? That same Rheology plays role as well here?

As far as this debate about CH and desinfection still keeps 
going... operator related factors ya all say here...
how different operators put CH in there? Does IT make any 
difference? A bit messy message, but...:-) -  Dmitri
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