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Bone loss in furcation

From: Roberto Cristescu
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 4:10 PM
Subject: [roots] Fwd:

Tooth 17 sent for finishing the treatment due to 
lack of finding the 3rd canal, the DB.
The other canals were " already prepared" to the 
"correct length", 15,5 mm.

Saw from beginning the distal search for the DB canal, 
with too large opening.

4 canals, necrotic, lengths were 20 for MB, MB2 and 
DB and 22 for P.

Composite filling.

Look at tooth 16 with image suggesting oblique root 
fracture. No pockets and no complaints there. I see a 
skinny shape and still probably a crack (associated 
bone loss in furcation as well). And apical lesion 
as well.

Is this in the surving group, as evidence for success 
of this type of endo ? Is this evidence that saved PCD 
and skinny shapes make the tooh "go the long run" ???
- Roberto

bone loss in furcation
bone loss in furcation
bone loss in furcation
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