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Botch : resilon: resorption
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From: sashi nallapati
Sent: Sunday, October 02, 2005 8:01 AM
Subject: [roots] botched it

one more from this week
type 8 vertucci (3-3)  in the mesial root
botched it with the overfill..

All were very nice cases and your 'botch' case would be one of my better ones! - Alan Sashi I love looking at your cases. Do you think that there is resorption on the 2nd molar - huge pulp chamber. Wow does this person need alot of dentistry (premolar and the large mesial decay on the molar, crown +/- crown lengthening on the molar. Resilon? Well done lad! - Glenn not necessarily resorption ,may be just a huge pulp chamber i guess i got to see her because she was in pain.... i hope she gets in early into the predoc clinic and gets some work done soon.. thanks - Sashi Nallapati Sashi, I don't think I'd exactly call that a "botch". Guy Sashi, fantstic case, Did you slighlty overfilled one of the mesial canals it looks like that compared tot he WL radiograph! - vipin 'slightly over filled ' would be an understatement.. ;-)) thanks any way for making me feel better - Sashi Nallapati Sashi, Did you take a cone-fit x-ray or paper point length? - Fred paper point first, then the cone fit.. its required to take a cone fit at the program its not the length that is the problem, its the width... seems i didnot actually gauge the apical area very well and on the downpack got the extrusion... Sashi Nallapati Dear Sashi ! All your cases are thrill to watch. Your documentation is superb to none and your work very meticulous. I am sure every patient you touch is very lucky indeed. The overfill is a "esthetic" pity but never the less, great case(s). Keep them coming. - Thomas Sashi, I have a small doubt to ask you. I think modt of the radiographs we take are slighlty misleading. I am saying this becasue I do quite a number of Reimplantation cases. And all those obturation I do in vitro and what more precision can you achieve than that. But when I take a post operative radiograph it shows as if a gross overfill. I guess the apical region if it is not properly calcified will not be shown in the radiograph, but a different apex is shown??? why is that? - Vipin can you please post a radiograph showing what you mean? i am not able to follow your question.. replantation is a selective option in a rare percentage of cases.the case that i posted is the first i did in the last 6 years your statment that you do a lot of replantations concerns me.. can you please explain why did you have to replant as opposed to surgery or retreat? - Sashi Nallapati

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