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Deep decay/resorptive defect
under buccal margin

From: Sashi Nallapati
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 9:35 AM
Subject: [roots] saved the bridge for now...

5 unit bridge from 27-31
complains of pain  to  cold in the lower right
O/E found deep decay / resorptive defect under the buccal margin on
28 that communicated with the pulp did endo,   CRFC ;-) (for John K)
flapped it and restored it with dual cure resin. I didnt detect the
decay on 29 until i raised the flap. while I was there I took care
of that as well. even though the bridge is saved for now, I told the
pt. to place an implant n 27 and 30 and get individual crowns to
retore 27-31. Do you love saving teeth as much as me ;-))
- Dr. Sashi Nallapati

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