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BuildUp Step by Step- Courtesy ROOTS
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From: Jörg Schröder
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 2:58 AM
Subject: [roots] BuildUp Step by Step

Here is a case where I had to spend some time with building up the clinical crown. After that I could place the RD.
Both MB and ML had a curvature to the mesial at the end of the canal. In the MB I could not get patent with handfiles
and stopped 2 mm before WL. I preflared the MB to 1 mm before the obsticle with RNTI and then used a technique that I
learned from a excellent German endodontist, Michael Arnold from Dresden. Use a 15/04 ProFile with pecking motion. 1
peck/ second. You have to have a look at the tip after some pecks. At the end I got patent within 15 seconds. The
canal has been flooded with EDTA. Of course, the instrument has been discarded ;))

Best regards from Berlin, Germany - Jörg Schröder

Nice case Jörg, the documentation and pictures "no comment about clinical skill" are really amazing; one question regarding your build up is there a post? What is type and brand of your build up material? - Dr Mohammed Dear Mahammed, Yes, I placed a fiberpost (DT LightPost, VDW ) in the distal. I usually do not remove any substance to place a post. I customize the post by cutting the thinner part off to get a non-friction-fit with a minimal space between cnal and post, to reduce possible shrinkage of the build-up material. For the pre-rubberdam buildup I used Estelite Low Flow, which is light-curing . After that I was able to place RD. For the final buildup I used a dual curing material (Rebilda DC, Voco) which I did not light cure at the beginning. I always wait for chemical set and then light cure - Jörg Beautiful work and documentation Jorg. My complements! - Gary Jörg: What a beautiful case. Publish it! - ahmad Thank you Ahmad. Time is kind of a problem, as it is quite easy to post some pictures, but a lot harder for me to write something in a professional manner in a foreign language. Right now I am preparing myself for my first little lectures which will take place this summer. But as I told Kendo, I will give it a try.- Jörg Very nice case jorg , could u explain the technique u had used with pecking motion? - Hazem I filled the canal with EDTA and used a pecking motion with keeping the tip in contact with the obsticle for one second. It is hard to describe, but after a short time you can feel the tip binding. When this happens be shure to controll the tip. Important to me seems the fact, that you preflare the canal up to the obsticle, so the 15/04 can find it's way down. The other advantage of preflaring is that you will be able to remove a fragment of the 15/04. (Ask me how I know ;)). Just try it on a extracted tooth - Jörg Jorg, it sounds very risky but i will give it a try As I said before I'll join the rotary club next week as I receive the motor I purchased ;)). still had a lot of work on extracted teeth - Hazem Hazem, I always try to get patent with handfiles first. But if I do not move forward after about 15 min I start using the 15/04. - Jörg