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 "buccal " and palatinal merged into one canal!
The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been credited
for the individual posts where they are. - Photos courtesy of Jörg Schröder -

From: Jörg Schröder
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 8:04 PM
Subject: [roots] One or Two?

Self referral by patient. Last dentist recommended extraction, because 
canals could not be located. (no loupes, no scope).

Reduced the build-up and about 3 mm subgingival I found tooth structure. 
First canal was easy to find but hard to negotiate (sacrified some 
ISI 006 Files). As this one seemed not to be centered I looked
for the buccal orifice. Troughed with Endosonore-Files and aftersome 
seconds there was a wet spot (like on a frozen lake, when you hit a hole 
into the ice and the snow starts getting wet and dark) I ecspected to
glide all the way down the canal but after some mm I hit a wall. Opened 
the orifice more and tried to find the canal. after 30 minutes I stopped 
and continued with shaping of the palatinal. Should have done this earlier 
to save a lot of time. I found a isthmus that disappeared after shaping 
procedure. "buccal " and palatinal merged into one canal! I have been 
confused by the first wire-film ( not off angeld!!), the non centered 
canal I found first , and the fact I found/created a second canal. 
There is no easy endo! - Jörg Schröder

Fine work. I am sure an implant would be recomended as a viable option here. What is the long term outlook as a restorative dentist in you opinion. I am sure your endo will last as long as the tooth. Again nice treatment - Alan Alan, I agree with you, that the implant is a option. It will need crown lengthening to get a ferrule on the palatinal side. But the patient was informed about the alternatives. I think, she does not want to loose a tooth just because of the lack of magnification - Jörg

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