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Buccal swelling - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Terry Pannkuk
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2010 6:44 AM
Subject: [roots] Puzzle Case: Buccal Swelling

This 79 year old male presented with buccal soft swelling of the loose 
alveolar mucosa opposite the first and second left bicuspids.  We was not 
in pain, no percussion sensitivity with any of the teeth in the area.
Class 2 D caries, some pulp chamber calcification (looks like a near 
exposure).  Questionable EPT on all teeth in the area although he thought 
he felt it at 60 on the first bicuspid.   The left mandibular canine
was the same, but the mandibular left lateral incisor seemed to feel the 
EPT at 40.    Class 1 mobility both bicuspids with some bleeding upon 
probing at the MB line angle of the second bicuspid.  Mild periodontitis
with some generalized 4-5 pockets. Any more questions? Differential Dx?  
Treatment Plan? - Terry

Might be helpful to see the photo of this soft tissue alveolar mucosa 
swelling after we now saw the hard tissues cbCT. J Any other diseases 
and any drugs taken for them, if any ?  - Valeri

I erroneously said left side, but it was right side.    I didnít get a 
photo of the swelling but it looked like your garden variety buccal 
swelling that you would expect with a localized acute endo abscess.

He had a history of thyroid cancer 40 years ago but has been in 
remission for decades.

He said his wife gives him stuff but he doesnít know what it is. J  He 
also had a history of prostate treatment but was later found that he 
didnít really have prostate disease; he was apparently given radiation 
for prostate disease that he didnítí have.  - Terry

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