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buildups at time of rct completion

From: Mark Dreyer Sent: Wednesday, February 28, 2007 10:50 AM To: ROOTS Subject: [roots] Buildups R Us I've decided I'm going to make a concerted effort to start placing the buildups at time of rct completion. I'm going to make phone calls to explain myself and for those docs that object, I'll hold of on it for now. However, I'm hoping many of them will let me do this, especially since I'm initially not charging extra for they can modify my buildup enough to justify in their mind getting the buildup chargeout in their office. Once I get most of the referring docs on board with this, I plan to raise my rct a bit to offset the extra time I put into this. This is one done today. I placed the amalgam buildup, after which I plan to call to ask permission to do it. :-)))) Mark.....I may have a GT3 for sale shortly if this doesn't go well. LOL

Iíll trade you my root zx2 for your gt3. right decision. I long ago forced my referring base to accept the same. But since I am my referring base, and I generally like me, it was an easy sell. - Gary Mark, Beautiful case. I am a general dentist who prefers to have the endodontist do the buildup. To me, the time for the buildup is at the time the endo is sealed. Plus, I love getting a completed case from Joey Dovgan, knowing I can focus on the crown or onlay prep only. From a production standpoint, I can produce more per hour by having the buildup already in place. (if that's why they dont want you to do it) Personally, I think you should charge for it. Why amalgam though? (I am not anti amal, just don't understand why not a bonded reinforced composite core) Again, sweet case. Scott

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