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Calcification and division

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From: "Bill Seddon"
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 1:17 AM
Subject: [roots] only 2

But I wish it had 5!

There is a reason for posting this,  opening was 22mm,  and the tooth
was inclined about 30 degrees to the lingual.  I had to cut the access
left handed,  and I couldn't fit in the handpiece with the prop in place
on the pt's right side.

I knew about the calcification and division in advance,  ultrasonics
popped it out in no time.  I had to use the file holder you see to place
the files as there was no room for fingers.  I then used left hand again
to work the files.

Fill was Schilder and cones for back fill,  could not Obtura anywhere
near it.  I then used pac mac to finish, again in wrong hand.  I pity
the guy who has to prep the crown! - Bill

Tough case Bill..................and commendable ambidextrous performance on your part. What was your file motion in this case?? - Sachin Sachin, Whatever motion I could manage. Just push pull and watch wind, just trying to contact as much of the root surface with the curved tip of the file. Much was done with the file in the holder, which was just push pull. - Bill Cool file holder! I use a straight hemostat. - DanS

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