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Calcified incisor II

From: Bojidar Kafelov To: ROOTS Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 1:41 AM Subject: [roots] Calcified incisor and a foolish dentist What will happen when you have a calcified incisor, a microscope and a moron (starring B. Kafelov)? You'll have a endodontic case with doubled difficulty and clinical time: 1. To find the canal - done with pen (I drew the central line of the incisor, so I could maintain my access to be centered) and a lot of patience and 06 C+ files 2. To retrieve my fractured rotary because I was foolish enough to use one! The rest of case is finished by hand ProTaper and NiTi hand files. For the retrieval I used the so called Endo Rescue Kit by Komet - know what. The trephine which is expected to "suck" out the fractured instrument does not do anything more that making a straight access to the fragment and a huge hole after its use. Quite expensive for a kit of 5 burs - an access bur, two GG burs, one modified GG and a trephine - and that "useful" kit just for 140 euro:) Whatever... Enjoy my foolishness! Any comments and critics are welcome as always! Best regards, Bojidar

What was the reason to perform the root canal procedure? - Rafael Was the tooth discolored? What about apical preparation size!- Mohammed Sorry, Mohammed, I forgot! The apical preparation size is F1 Hand ProTaper. I was afraid to enlarge the apex further and regarding apical gauging - I could stop at 10.02 or 15.02 K-file. - Bojidar

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