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Calcium sulphate / MTA - Case Recall - Courtesy ROOTS
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From: Jörg Schröder
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 3:40 AM
Subject: [roots] Recall 15

My first Calcium sulphate / MTA - Case Recall.
Seems to heal. Fistula is gone and radiolucency gets smaller. 
- Jörg Schröder

very beautiful case, thanks for sharing - noemí pascual jorg, super result... Sashi Nallapati Really interesting and nice, Jorg - Guy Super duper. Excellent work, excellent documentation, excellent result. It's great to see this level of treatment, No problems drilling through porcelan inlay ? The crack was on the wall or just inside the pulp stone ? (lateral condensation cracks ? You must be kidding - like you don't press on the gutta in vertical condensation) - Thomas P.S I think, like others the need for CalciumSulfate is just cosmetic Hi Thomas, I used a high speed diamond bur with water cooling to get through the porcelain. It feels like drilling through enamel. The crack has been in the tooth wall, but stoped after about 3-4 mm. The difference imho between lateral and vertical compaction is 1. the GP can move better in the warm c. resulting in less mechanical force on the canal walls and 2. that if doing it the right way the plugger does not bind (in the lateralc. the spreader has to bind) 3. I am not pushing that much, maybe therefore I am not getting so much lateral anatomy filled ;)) - Jörg P.S. You are right with the cosmetic argument, but I like to look on beautiful things ;)) Jorg, I found this one really great case one question.. did you place the post immediately after MTA placement? did you separated it from composite with other material or did you wait for settin, or was it the other visit? BTW how is your 6 handed dentistry going on? did you try? - Bartek Hi Bartek, I used Angelus MTA , it sets very quick (15 min) so I was able to place the composite right against the MTA in the same visit. No separation between. I am trying 6 handed from time to time , but I am far away from that, what Maciej showed me - Jörg Very nice Jorg. I especially like your photos! Do you think you could have placed the MTA without use of the barrier? - Mark Mark, yes, but I was afraid of creating a MTA-puff. As far as I know, there is no difference in the outcome, but I hate this atomic-bomb-like-look. ;)) - Jörg My experience is that if you place the material with a Dovgan carrier and ultrasonically vibrate it to length, overfills in MOST situations can be avoided. Where the overfills occur, it is an ugly look, but the body loves that stuff, so healing isn't compromised. Just my 2 cents. You're going for the Marga Ree look with your approach here and that's never a bad thing. :-)) - Mark Mark, how is the consistance of the MTA? Do you mix it with less fluid / dry it with paperpoints? How many attempts do you usually need to get the MTA at the right point? - Jörg Hard questions. If I had to describe it I'd say I mix it half way between wet and dry. Getting it where I want it can be challenging. I take check x-rays and sometimes have to vibrate it down further with ultrasonic vibrating against one of my pluggers. Sometimes I'll use the fat end of a paper point to push it apically. Really hard to describe. Probably my answer isn't very helpful - Mark Mark, I know it is hard to describe, but you described it so well, that I understood quite well, how you are doing it - Jörg

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