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From: Jean-Sébastien GOUET
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 7:16 PM
Subject: [roots] Canon eos and Microscope zeiss

What are the settings to use with a canon EOS with a microscope
(Zeiss Pico mora)?  My pictures are very (too) dark. Thank you very
much for your help - Dr Jean-Sébastien GOUET

Jean are you using a Zeiss adapter? What are your current settings?
- Carlos Murgel

Yes, I am using a Zeiss adapter. My setting is shots of fully automatic.
I tried many settings, but results are very inconstants.
A few times, the tooth photographed is not at the center,
whereas it was in the oculars of the microscope - Jean

Is this because the port on the mora adapter is not lined up with the
image beam.  In addition what light source are you using, and maybe post
a couple of photos here and I will post a couple to show you what is

Here are a couple for you from my Nikon D300, ring flash, Global G6
and XMount  these are of a tooth that was opened by an endodontist in
town.  He advised to extract it and place an implant.  Patient returned
asymptomatic and asked me to complete it.  I had lengthy discussion with
patient whos twin brother is suffering at 40 from incurable colon cancer.
He wanted to save it for now as he is dealing with other issues.
We completed the endo ( I dont have PAs here) and told him to crown it
with no guarantee on longevity.  So far (a couple of months ) ok , and
probings are 4mm or so in the area so I am guarded in my prognosis.

in any event, I just picked a couple to show you at 12X mag with the
flash what is possible - Glenn

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