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Ca(OH)2 Extrusion - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been
credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: cristescu roberto
Sent: Saturday, April 24, 2010 6:57 AM
Subject: [roots] Ca(OH)2 extrusion

This patient came in january with huge pain and an extremely mobile 26.
She wanted despite all the explanations to still give a try to save the tooth.

Having such a bad prognosis we choose a different approach, wanting to see some signs of
healing before we will fill the canals and charge the patient the full fee for an exteremly
questionable prognosis.

Unfortunately palatinal I made a huge Ca(OH)2 overfill. Which...was not painful...

After 3 weeks she came with a flare up (see the swellling in some of the clinical pictures).

After all , in 3 months, the pockets reduced, normal mobility, no pain on mastication,
signs of healing on the CBCT, so we decided to fill.

I am probably convinced the same result would have been with a single visit - Roberto

Excellent Work Roberto. It is amazing what NS-RCT can do...Henry Roberto, aside from posting terrific cases you set the documentation bar higher and higher :-)) - Dmitri Excellent documentation and nice end result. But Dr Roberto you are really convinced that you would have had similar results in a single sitting approach in such a case. I think the first challenge you would have faced would have been to get the canals dry. But that's just my loud thinking and want to add to my knowledge on these matters - Sanjay Jamdade Dear Roberto, superb treatment, documentation and result. Congratulations! - Liviu Hi Sanjay , Thank you for the nice comments. You are right about getting the canals dry. In this particular case , even with the pus starting in the P canal, at the end of 1st visit I was able to get all 3 root canal systems dry. I am more and more convinced reading the literature and seeing my cases (and others as well) that in regard with thorough desinfection of the root canal system probably Ca(OH)2 doesn't add any really benefit . I use it to temporise some guarded cases so that if it is really not getting better , than the patient just pays a small amount from the whole endo fee, plus he/she stays less in the chair. I am not convinced that waiting to see healing with empty canals is same as waiting with a temporary filling as CaOH... = Roberto Roberto, Great case & presentation, thanks for sharing! It seems the Kodak 3D is not just catching dust in your office ;-) Wonderful and impressive demonstration of the dynamics of healing...Maarten

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