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CAP case :instrumentation protocol
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From: jan berghmans
Sent: Saturday, December 20, 2008 7:20 PM
Subject: [roots] CAP case

CAP case: refering dentist wants to extract and replace by an implant -
patient wants to keep it.

An attempt to instrument canals had been done some time ago, leaving some
amalgam and a few ledges in there .

Adviced a crown when sending patient back to referal but got an email back
from her announcing she's not willing to do so because of " bad prognosis :
furcal involvement, root fracture risk and the need for crown lenghtening"
....She decided to perform a "build-up with three posts " ..sigh
- Jan Berghmans- Endodontie BVBA

Jan, Wonderful work on your part. How long did this case take you and how you managed to keep patency? Did you use rotaries here? Pity the GP is clueless But at least she will reinforce the tooth with those 3 posts ! Now I understand her logic being concerned with cracks, furcations and such .. (and I though three posts were only done here by dentists from east Europe) - Thomas That is awesome work on an extremely difficult case!! If you have some time, it would be helpful if you coul describe your instrumentation approach to this case - Fred Excellent work! I am also wondering which instrumentation protocol you followed. And did you treat the case in one or two visits? - RafaŽl Michiels

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