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Crown and Post removal - Courtesy ROOTS

From: Marga Ree
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2007 5:26 PM
Subject: [roots] crown and post removal

Usually it's not possible to remove crowns on anterior teeth with the 
Metalift, but in this case the path of insertion was pretty vertical, 
so I could remove it.

This was a patient from our own practice, and the crown, cast post and 
core were done by myself, more than 15 years ago. US vibration was 
inadequate to remove the post, so I decided to use the post puller. 
But due to the malposition of the lateral, the beak of the puller was 
too big to be placed between the central and the canine.

The old Gonon post puller, my favourite, which was recently innovated 
by Pierre Machtou, and is called the Thomas post puller now, has a tube 
which you can slide over the tubular tab, see picture, and by which the 
beak of the puller is moved in a coronal direction, away from the limited 
space between the teeth. That worked, and the post was used to improve 
the retention by embedding it in the relining of the crown, so it could 
serve as a temporary restoration between visits.

Patient returned after 1 month, was symptomfree, and after finishing 
the root canal filling, a fiber post was placed with LuxaCore, the BU 
was made of LuxaCore, while using the crown as a mould. The palatal 
opening could act as a venting hole. After setting, the crown was 
removed, the surplus of composite was removed from the margins, and the
crown was recemented. - Marga

Beautiful marga, and i owe you one for originally turning me on to the gonon/thomas post puller. when using the crown as a mould for the luxacore do you lubricate the inside of the crown with anything? - Gary

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