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Deep decay : carious exposure

From: John A. Schehl To: ROOTS Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 9:37 PM Subject: [roots] Learning to post The second case from yesterday. Deep decay, carious exposure. As you can see from the b/up, this tooth could easily have been shucked. The patient is a young single mother w/o resources and I wanted to try and salvage this tooth for her. I will crown it. Protapers and precurved handfiles, lots of 'em. I think I was a little heavy with the GG, a little coke bottled shape. 1 visit - John A. Schehl

I would flick the rubber dam from off the wings of the clamp, you must limit the amount of irrigant you can use by having a hole like that around? It's a 2 second job for a proper seal. I'm obsessive about proper dam, do it right and you can forget about oraseal etc. Thanks to Jan and Stephane for the encouragement. I've not used oraseal in a long time. Yep it's over enlarged, can't really see the apices of the buccal roots, but in a carious exposure with vital tissue you should be fine. How fast are you spinning the GG's and with how much pressure? Mine are at 800 rpm with no apical pressure, very delicate. I'm sure it will be ok, thanks for posting. Chamber cleanup and build up look great - Bill I agree the clamp kept slipping off and thats why I left it over the wings but for sure that is a great tip and one I will heed. I use light - moderate apical pressure 800-1000 rpm. Typically I do not "coke bottle" with GG's so much. The pictures have a quick link to picassa, and this allows a larger view although I will find a better technique to allow quicker and more clear imaging. Thanks for your response - John Schehl

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