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Carious exposure and lots of caries - Courtesy ROOTS

The opinions and photographs within this web page are not ours. Authors have been
credited for the individual posts where they are -
From: "Bill Seddon"
To: "ROOTS" <
Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2006 5:38 PM
Subject: [roots] carious exposure

Nice to get a carious exposure once in a while.  Difficult access and
lots of caries,  but a decent result. Respect for ID canal in apical
preps,   I held handfiles in tweezers here due to limited opening.  Pt
must have been 300 lbs,  and had the cheeks and tongue to go with it,
hence the poor rad which he managed to move in the holder.

Terry would have not have started this,  opening of 30mm max :-) -  Bill

Great result Bill!! What's instrumentation sequence and the master 
apical file for this case? Just for learning ;-) -  Maurício Basso

Mauricio , I used hand file 10 -30 in tweezers to just open things a 
little.  Then gates 2-4.  then hand files again,  then gates again.

then I used EAL and took hand files to 30 to within 1mm of EAL 0.

Then I finally put some rotaries in there,  Pro TAPER,  S1 - f1 at 
eal 0.5, then F2 at eal 1.0 and F3 back from this about another 1/2 mm.  
So master apical file will have been a 25,  but lots of curved files 
at this level,  hence the larger " look "  on the film.  I didn't want 
to be long due to the proximity of the canal,  but was patent in all 
canals - Bill

Beautiful work.  Especially amazing considering the working conditions.
- Huq

Awesome worK, this patient was lucky staying in your hands.

I just discover this tool (see pics) in Amsterdam University (ACTA). 
I think it could be useful in this case instead of tweezers, and you 
can try have indirect vision - Nuria from Barcelona

Thanks Nuria , Do you know the name of it? - Laura Hi Laura , Sorry , but I don´t know the name. I think that is an older instrument, and you can even cut the file handle for improve índirect vision in limited mouth opening cases... just useful for radicular access in my opinion - Nuria

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