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Caries bonding labial porcelain veneer - Courtesy ROOTS

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From: Terry Pannkuk
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2010 1:56 PM
Subject: [roots] Coulda Used a Laser, but didn't

Typical Depression Era Dentistry:  I got a call from a referral yesterday.  
He saw this elderly woman, struggled doing the endo on #27 and when he was 
finished didnít have time to do #26 which he had planned at the same time.  
She was distressed by the experience so he sent her to me.  He told me 
there was a lot of decay and that I might want to use the electrosurg to 
perform crown-lengthening.   He also told me if I felt it wasní't restorable 
to extract it.   I was already thinking of all the cool Canadian crap that 
could be used on this case: lasers..Isolites..bioceramics.medical grade pot. 
but I decided to just go mainstream.

I was also told I didnít have to worry about protecting the porcelain veneer 
which Immediately fell off when I started probing with the explorer 
(Good thing I didnít have to worry about that.

I placed a dam with multiple holes second bi to second bi and clamped #26 
deep on the gingiva.  In about 5 seconds zipped the lingual gingiva down 
with the electrosurg exposing circumferential dentin.  Thank God there 
wasn'ít an amalgam in #25 or the pulp would have been cured beef jerky!

The root canal procedure was routine.   I bonded a fiber post; maybe it
should have been metal; especially if the prep is going to have a shoulder 
instead of a long bevel.  I figured the occlusion would be protected, 
sheí's very petite, and besides the labial porcelain veneer had stayed on 
for years with just caries bonding.   A copper band matrix was used, 
contoured it down, replaced a small labial pothole with RelyX cement, 
and contoured it down to look like a tooth.

At the end of the procedure she asked me if I did crowns too;  
I said, No, your general dentist should do the
hard stuff like that -  Terry

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