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Chloroform to soften gutta percha

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How long does it take for chloroform to soften gutta percha so 
that you can remove it? Thanks, Bruce

Bruce,  it's not as though a drop in the chamber will burow down 
the canal.  Just will soften right away where there is contact, 
then pick in to the g.p. and chlorofrom goes deeper,
reapply, pick, or rotary on down.  - Kendel

It begins to take effect immediately Bruce.  I usually take a gg 
or similar to create a space, place a little bit of chloroform into 
the canal, and immediately begin working into the remaining g.p. 
with a file.  The file comes out with a gooey bolus of g.p. on it, 
I wipe it off and go right back in.  since its not water soluble, 
I don'ít use it any more than is necessary to get patent, then I 
close it up, suck it back out, and return to normal irrigation
protocol.  By that time the patient, myself and assistant are 
high as a kite and donít care anymore - Gary

June 16, 2013 : ROOTS forum facebook
do not use chloroform, is a highly toxic organochlorine!! 
- Jesus Djalma Pecora

June 15, through facebook Endodontics forum
What are the other options to soften GP points?  - Shabnam Khan

June 16, through facebook Endodontics forum
Halothane,methylchloroform,eucalyptol,orange oil,benzene.
- Amrit Assi
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