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Calcified narrow mesial root

From: Terry Pannkuk To: roots Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 7:47 AM Subject: [roots] Calcified, Narrow, Difficult Access, Complex apical anatomy., No charge Tough afternoon, another day, another dollar. This guy is the husband of one of my best referralís assistants. Real nice guy, no charge. Tough afternoon. I was very nervous about the narrow mesial root and it was extremely calcified. Didnít use rotaries much and many recapitulations with hand files. The DB looped back on the DL so I didnít coronally flare as much, didnít need to and fit an atypically narrow cone in this region for safety sake. TDO zooming of images in the image organizer is terrible so I exported the final radiographs to Photoshop directly from Schick as tiff files then cropped them down to the apex for better resolution to visualize the interesting mesial root apex anatomy. Poor manís substitute for a Kodak sensor - Terry Calcified narrow mesial root nice case ! did you use D files or c pilots ? - Jorge Gaviria Old school Schwed K-files. Thanks but itís not a nice case, itís in the bucket!......another damn failure. The strategic value of this tooth was huge so it was probably worth the heroic effort to save it, but itís still frustrating to see another lost endo tooth - Terry
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