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Implant case of the day - Courtesy ROOTS

From: Liviu Steier
Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 3:16 AM
Subject: Case of the day 08062010

Case of the day - Liviu Steier

Love the use of the Benex Extractor for the atraumatic tooth removal. MIS implant? - Dwayne I am afraid not. It is a Biohorizons. - Liviu Nice case Liviu, Did you graft the buccal bone after placing the implant? - Gordon H. West DDS Thank you Gordon. Yes, I did as gap was bigger than 1,5mm. - Liviu Liviu, I enjoyed your workup etc, but why all that work and you did not place a temporary and start your tissue training immediately? I really think you would see as good as results using Ankylos. I am not trying to disrespect your care, but if you look back at a lot of cases posted you may think about using Ankylos more - Bill Bill, your appreciation means a lot to me. Thank you. Allow me please to reply. - The decision to place a temporary or not is indeed questionable I have to admit. - Regarding Ankylos implant system. This might be a quiet philosophical reply but as you asked I will answer. I am not related to Biohorizons or Nobel Biocare at all, not on their pay bill or anything similar. I try to stick with the saying: "never change a winning team". Missionary spread of believes ( all science is at the end of the day a personal believe) ad modum crusaders is not really my cup of tea based on personal and family related experiences. It makes me even try and win distance to the idea ( so the contrary of the basic idea). My personal long term experience ( in Implantology since 1986) with the most different implant systems proved the need of skills, knowledge and clinical experience in: Prosthetics, Periodontology, bone anatomy - physiology, etc. but not in favoring one system over the other ( wasn't this BTW the reason Dennis Tarnow moved universities???). I understand that you guys prefer to play an other game and I do respect it. - Liviu Liviu, I have been involved in implant dentistry for some time also , and as a periodontist I am trying to do what is best and superior always for my patients. I am always searching for the best bone grafting techniques, products, etc. With implants I do the same--in the esthetic zone I have used most of the systems and only Ankylos gives me the best and most predictable results. Its hard to change, but change is sometimes for the best. One famous prosthodontist (BG) said to me "you must change to change". - Bill Bill, thank you for the wisdom. This is really appreciated. Maybe one day .... who knows? - Liviu

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